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Guastalla, RE (Italy) - 6 January 2003


this is the new CManager home. For those of you who don't know what it is, here's an excerpt from his description as it appeared on Vapor's site:

The Contact Manager is a unique product for the Amiga. It's best described as a diary / address book which allows you to store all your contacts' user information, favourite web & ftp sites and IRC server/channels.

It has been designed as a replacement to all the different bookmarks, addressbooks and similar GUI's that are built into the many different Amiga Internet and comms programs.

As of today, CManager is available under the GPL license, although I can still grant permission to use it on closed-source commercial products, as in Voyager.

To be clear: free programs are automatically granted permission to use the library/MCC even if they are closed-source/non-GPL compliant. For commercial products, please ask first, unless you already have an agreement with me.

So what happens now?

Well, it's up to you.

The source code is on CVS, waiting for someone to work on it. There's plenty of room on SourceForge's servers to build a nice homepage. I've created a couple of mailing lists: one to discuss the development of CM and another one dedicated to users. And so on... SourceForge really has much to offer.

Thus, development may now resume (not from me, as I haven't got an Amiga anymore), if there's anyone interested in keeping it going.

Or CM could simply die of natural death, at least letting curious people with nothing better to do to have a look at its source code :)

Either way, have fun :-)

Simone Tellini


Oh, some details:

Project page:
CVS root:
CVS module: cmanager

If you want to be added as a developer, ask on the devel mailing list.

The source code maybe won't compile "right out of the box": there might be a couple of missing files (eg. extrafuncs.{c,h} with stccpy() for StormC). Logo